almost bare–or is it completely? —–

photo of woman wearing funky dress
Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels.com

flora continued eating and reading. ”  hey you there”. jessy one of sandra’s lackeys took the novel from her. “you must be happy right?look let me warn you don’t think of getting hands on him.”   flora who tred to conceal her ire spoke in a nonchalant tone.  “on who? that jerk? if you want him jessy hes all yours’ . ‘what are you saying?’ ”  “nothing. probably a slip of tongue.? you aren’t angry right?”  now the 3 girls fury had reached the sky.  “jet beat her up for me”       “at your service ma’am.” jet the one with grey and red hair cracked her knuckles. this drew many teens attention.  not good .poor gorilla queen is about to die.   “wait” flora suddenly spoke a little scared.   “say your last words if you have any” sandra scoffed.     “i—–i–i want to ask for a bet.”      “name  it. ” jet said .   “if

you beat me i will stop reading novels bear any mockery and roll over the ground then dance almost bare for every one ”  many teens were shocked and sad.  “whats she doing/this is nuts”  a blonde whispered to her friend.   “ok then. if that’s all i can agree” jet nodded.  “em—but it must be 3 rounds”. “whoa.shes too crazy,is she tired of life?” a guy groaned miserably.    “thanks in advance then” jet was very glad this time.    “everyone if you got spare time to the gym hall.”jessica announced.  and so many began heading to the place while flora walked in front of the 3 hot chicks trembling all over.   brian did not bother to go as he had to finish his analysis report for his mum.                                                                                           ———————————————————————————————————————————————                               guys finally i wrote something in forever. just to let you guys know i am a witness –i mean a jw.org lady. i don’t mess with my identity. i have writing skill but can’t publicize it as i don’t want fame. if you feel uncomfortable you can quit following but be rest assured i don’t accept quitters back. i’m speaking to you all. don’t expect any smut scenes but sure always read on a bed or sofa. i cannot pay for medicine if you fall later. also i will not accept ex- jws on my site. you can visit ,like,but cant follow.  i hope still that none of you are angry but its to protect myself. if you got any questions feel free to ask me through feedback or comments. also if you want recommend this story to others.  thank you dear muly pets

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