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NEW SHY BOY IN A HOOD.                                                                                                            hey guys listen up .this fine dude here will be with us for a while.                                                                           no one commented.                          “come on introduce your self and then go find a seat.

        “sure”                                                                                                                                 “huh?’                                                       the perfect one for me

                                                                            “that sounds sexy”                                                                                                        “im brian andyson from v city.” he put down his hood and bowed his head the girls. they were practically screaming for joy.                      “oh my gush .a meat pie from god himself”     “im so jealous of his lips.if i had that i swear all boys will go for me”              im happy then.”                                                                  brian looked around.many prayed he choose to sit with them.   “ah he’s so cute. looking at him is enough. i don’t need to eat.just like an immortal” sandra the hottest in class winked seductively at him. after a minute. he started to take slow yet firm steps. many were jealous of sandra.she always have good things to her self. “it’s not that bad ashleen AS long as im in this class——-” . brian just walked past sandra and finally stopped at floras desk with a poker face.                                              flora was thoroughly inserted into her novel that she dint notice what was on.brian knocked on her table. “miss can i sit here?”. many were stunned silly. “Jeez. this is bad how did she manage to bewitch him?” florA WHO DINT LIKE DISTURBANCE LOOKED UP TO SEE A GREEK god but made no reaction. “if you like sit but dont disturb me alright?. she waved him away like a fly.he shook his head and sat down with her and then put on headphones listening to music.he rested against the wall and closed his eyes. this lazy attitude attracted more girls. some were bitter. sandra”s group smiled each with her own scheme. flora was unaware. even if she knew she never cared. (im not pretty so why should i care. or maybe his mama is obese and finally hes found a new mama. that’s sad. I’ll just treat him as a friend if he asks). if brian knew her thoughts he’d surely open her head and do research on her brain.

person wearing chunky heeled laceup boots
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       I’ll be updating by friday. hope i can have more followers as it can encourage me to go on. like and comment. if you would like to help this poor author it would be fine. one of the reasons i’

m here at word press is to make a little enough for my writing and secular education. i have stated writIng since i was 10 and finally i’ve brought it online as  i cannot make hard copies. enjoy. i promised to whet your appetite. i also want to leave you crying for more —–.



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