that maiden

brian is the best – in class in sports pretty much every thing.  well, maybe not every thing as he has no time for relating with people outside his family.  his worst fear are those girls fawning over him day and night.                                                                                                                  she,flora is a plump average looking girl named best gorilla queen in school but she doesn’t mind .instead of fawning over him she sees him as fish on her plate. who’d believe that a certain flora has to disguise her self in order to make him call off their engagement? ” i need to hurry . i will rather remain single”                                                                     oh come on this pretty boy can help you                                                                                        no need id rather freeze to death                                                                                                                 really?                                                                                                                                                    what are you implying?                                                                                                                                you love me to death                                                                                                                         ???????                                                                                                                                                           watch out for exciting scenes of cupid and gorilla queen.  that maiden is my very first novel. hope you will like it. planning on releasing one chapter in 2 days for now. thank youBlog

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